maggiemMay 5th was our semiannual bike sale and it was a smashing success. People lined up at the gate when we opened and a steady stream of buyers scored fantastic deals. One of them, Maggie M, was a latecomer and I was not sure we had anything left that she would be interested in, but she took a liking to a pretty yellow number and with a few adjustments it fit her like a glove. 

Maggie is a recent newcomer to Shangri-La, having escaped the mean streets of Detroit Michigan to work as an attorney for a local tech company. Although she rode with friends and family as a kid, it has been 10 years since she has been on a bike.  She wants to get back into cycling and take advantage of our California sunshine and beautiful snow-free scenery. After hearing about what we do she is eager to volunteer with us. Welcome to California Maggie.